Tuesday, November 8, 2011

you :)

Thanks for all that you have done to me,
make my day shining everyday ( shining ke? hehe) happy laaa :)
I will miss you because you're very good friends :)

sorry for everything i've done to you
i didn't mean it 
but i respect your decision
perhaps this is the best for you.

i don't care who you are
where your from
what you did ( da mcm lagu as long as u love me..:D )
for me, you're still a good person.

penatla speaking..haha..kesimpulannya..i'm glad to know you :)  maaf selama ni saya selalu terlebih phsyco. xda niat :) *phsyco je..bkn btul2 pon..tp saya yakin ur life will be much much much better without me as your good friend. i hope u will be fine. i know you will be fine :) jgn menyerah with ur life ok? apa pun yg terjadi don't ever give up. u may be sad..but don't ever give up. :) saya dah takda dah sekarang :)thanks 4 everything. Assalamualaikum :)

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